Yummy Food

Food, glorious food!

Preparation is key!

Every weekend I sit down and make a meal plan for the week and write out a shopping list.

Here are some of the meals/snacks we love! 

Some weeks I have my food shop delivered when I know I have a fun fill packed week week ahead! 


Smoothie - Spinach, ice, chia seeds, banana, almond milk 

Egg on toast

Banana Pancakes with fruit 

Homemade musli 


Left overs from the night before 

Green salad 

Gluten free pasta with kale

Falafel salad

Avo on toast with chilli


Evening Meals

Three bean Mexican chilli


Jacket Potatoes

Fish, veg & new potatoes



Veg and hummus

Almond butter on toasted rye bread


Avo on toasted rye bread 




Chocolate avo mouse 

Date with almond butter

Dark chocolate and beetroot cake 

Banana and vanilla ice cream 

Sunday Prepping 

This Sunday we have had a lovely day at home as a family - this is seriously on my Happy List

I am cooking a roast and prepping food for the week 

Meal plan at the ready 

Buckwheat - 3Bean Chilli - black beans onion & garlic to make up my lunches through out the week 



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