Remember your WHY! - Read it - Feel it in every cell of your body -

Say it out loud give it power and emotion

Remember how many people we are helping, serving, solving their health issues naturally

Daily Actions

Who will I share oils with today?

Who has attended a class I will follow up with?

Who has enrolled that I will help understand the LRP?

Who is using the oils that would love the biz?

Who is building that I can offer support to?

What will I read, watch, or listen to that will help me grow?

Re look at your list of 100 

I bet there are some people on there that you have a barrier to contact - well come on be brave take a deep breathe and just do it


Prepare - Use your oils - be the product of the product 

Invite - Watch Allyse Sedivy - The most important Skill in Doterra - Link here

Present - Teach Classes 

Support - Followup - Questions for customers

The 4 2s

Alternative Daily Actions - Take 10 mins while tea is cooking or a snippet of time in your day 

2 x New Connections 

2  x Follow ups - Samples - Class 

2  x Customers already enrolled

2 x Business - Share - Builders 

Take stock

Take a look at how far you have come!

Sit back and have a really good at what you have achieved so far

Where were you a year ago?

Look at your time - what are you doing with your time?

Brain Dump - get it all out of your head onto a pice if paper

An amazing podcast from The Life Coach School

Self Care

Self Care is top priority!

What nourishes you?

Take a walk get in nature


Yoga Nidra






Hol:Fit Talks

Listen to a motivational podcast

These are some episodes that I love

Ange Peters - The stories we tell ourselves

This episode is magic - Summer time / holiday motivation!


Learn and educate yourself for 5 mins

Why not google an oil you haven't looked at before?

Go to Doterra's Empowered life series

Take a look at Doterra's Science Blog

Elena's Essential Practice

Login to Essential practice and watch something, there is so much goodness there!

Essential Practice

I love to rewatch Start here and the Business overview

Great things never come from comfort zones