Take a deep breathe and come into the present moment

I am sending love to you all at this uncertain time in our lives

I hope these little pockets of love bring you some of what you need today!

I will keep uploading more, so feel free to keep coming back for more!

Gabby Bernstein's Tools to relieve anxiety

Gabby is one of my mentors, I have learnt so much from her

I hope this gives you some calm

See Gabby's Tools Here

Tapping / EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique

Brad Yates - Dealing with Outbreak Fear and anxiety


Yoga Nidra

This is the most beautiful music you could play it in the background all day or sneak off for a 5-10 mins chill out by yourself

Listen here


Kids Entertainment

Are you needing some inspiration on what to do with your kids?

Take a look at what we get up to! Have fun!

Free Live Yoga Sessions

Mel who teaches Yoga at Alive (my salon) is offering regular free live yoga practices

Elena Brower offers Monday practices a sequence of postures, adding in Acupoints using Oils to enhance our experience.

Every Monday, we meet on a Zoom Webinar, 3.30-4.45pm BST.

Here is our link going forward: https://zoom.us/j/412868243

If you wish to donate in exchange for the class, even $1 will make a huge difference to girlsonfireleaders.com/donate. Thank you.

Diffuser blends for times like these

FaceLITE Skin Rejuvenation

I use this at home - I love it!

Clients who come to my salon use this light to enhance their home skincare routine

Take a look here


Reduce your toxic load

Some people care too much - I think it is called LOVE