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Doterra Flu Bomb

At home we treat the first signs of a cold with melaeulca, lemon and peppermint but when the flu is coming we make up Doterra's Flu Bomb

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Bye Bye Bugs

Terrashield Outdoor Spray

Home made bug sprays

Diffuser blends Bugs Be Gone

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Homemade Sunscreen

I made my own Homemade Sunscreen and love the results of it

Chemicals in suncream are causing more harm to our skin than the sun

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Green Cleaning

Green cleaning! I have never loved cleaning so much!

Take a look at how I do it!

Toxin Free Cleaning

Getting Started Supplies

Here are some of the supplies I use for my Doterra Lifestyle

Getting Started Supplies

Digestive Health

Do you suffer with digestive problems?

Take a look at what we use as a family to help us

These products are a life saver for me and my daughter - I have suffered over the years with digestive issues

Digestive Health

Hormone Balancing

Hormone Balancing

Balancing Hormones


Essential Oils Pregnancy and Beyond

Essential Oils are here to naturally support you through these amazing but challenging times!

Dive in!

Pregnancy and Essential Oils

How to make your own roller blends

Making your own rollers is such amazing way to have the blends of essential oils with you at all times for when you need them!

How to make your own roller blends

Traveling with Essential Oils

I am never with out my oils when I travel!

Take a look at my tips on the oils that I take away with me


Reduce your Toxic Load

Take some time to see how you could easily reduce your toxin intake

Watch my reduce your toxic load video here

Wild Orange is the oil of abundance

Brings you joy, fun, laughter and love