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Your Wheel of Life

Are you clear in where you are going to focus your energy and time over the next few months?

Let me guide you through the wheel of life

Focus and Clarity

Your wheel of life!

Do you know where you are focusing your energy for the next few months?

Take 5 minutes to fill in this wheel of life to get a view of where you are and where you need to / want to focus your time and energy.

Getting clear on the small daily actions you are going to take and creating the vision is an amazing tool!

Essential Oils

Essential Oils for focus

Bergamot - oil of self acceptance - resetting your state

Lime - oil of zest for life

Blue Tansy - oil of inspired action

NOTE: It is very important you work with the highest quality essential oils to receive the the results - Visit my page WHY Doterra to find out more

Essential oils work amazingly with the mind body and soul, encouraging us into the mindset we wish to be in.

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Small daily actions create big changes over time! Keep your vision insight!