My Happiness List

I have created this happiness calendar for you  Link to printable here  use it for the next 30 days to bring happiness into your life everyday, make notes of how you feel happier and look forward to your happiness boost each day, it will soon become something you start to naturally do with out thinking about.  

On the happiness worksheet/calendar make a list of everything that brings you happiness, joy and excitement, then write on each day the happiness you have given yourself, smile, breathe in the feeling of happiness, abundance and say thankyou. 

Happiness comes in small packages like a cuppa in peace & quite or larger like a walk or afternoon with family at home or a weekend away. Knowing what brings you happiness, joy and excitement then fitting some into your everyday and being in that moment is so magical. 

Things on my happy list are - laying on the floor in the sun for 10 mins with chilled music on before I go and pick up my kids from school, a bonus 5 mins meditation in the middle of the day, a cup of tea with a good book, applying my essential oils & learning about them, creating a blend for my self,  pumping the music up and having a good dance like nobody is watching, giving myself time to cook a family meal, walking in nature with my dog, playing board games with my kids, drawing, yoga, self care spa night, lazy Sunday afternoons with my family, catch up with my girl friends, decluttering/sorting out an area of my home(need to be in the right mood for this) 

Let me know how you get on comment below, tell us whats on your happiness list 

Sending love, light and happiness! 

x x x Sarah x x x