Find Your Why

Find Your Why

Find Your Why 

Having a why is so important & keeps you focused

Why are you doing all you do?

Who & What are you doing it for?

At times you will need to dig deep and keep going, knowing your why drives you to keep going!

When you know your WHY you come back to it when making a decision -

Make your decisions align with your why!



My Why 

My family

To live our best lives 

Have fun, freedom, love, laughter, create opportunities & adventures

Walk on the beach with the sun on my face, hearing my family laughing having fun & free

To be healthy, live long disease free lives

Create awareness and inspire others to live their best lives with the help of Doterra essentail oils

Support the world for generations to come 


Find Your Why!

Sit down and think about what is truly important to you in your life - make a list

Keep it simple, visual with feeling and emotion

Know why you do what you do!

This is your power of purpose, your why!

Inspire yourself daily by reading your why, keep alined with it!

Take steps towards it 

Connect your why, the feeling of being in your why to an essential oil/blend! Very powerful - Smell/roll your oil blend and connect to your WHY!

Oil of the week 


The oil of focus

Engages the mind and aids concentration

Teaches individuals to be mentally present, dispels confusion, bestows clarity

Restores energy, mental flexibility and drive to complete a project

Inspires a playful heart, releases feelings of despair - infuses a soulful energy! 

Also amazing for cleaning!







With all my love 

x x Sarah  x x