Declutter let go clear space blog post



Clutter can drive us mad even if we don't realise it!

Physical, mental & emotional clutter.

Physical clutter overloads your senses, makes you feel stressed, and clouds your ability to think clearly. We can feel over loaded and unmotivated!

It can impact on our families lives - create space to have fun!

Mental clutter, we have so much going on in our minds, lists, todos, should dos, should not have done!

Emotional clutter, old resentments, forgiveness, things we are holding on to, people draining us.



Look around you

What brings you JOY that you see? 

What doesn't? - move it on - declutter - let it go.

Journal - take time to free write - get everything out of your head - go for it - let loose!

Create space and clarity!

A forgiveness list - forgive yourself and others - it may be hard but feel into it, declutter your emotional ties.

Meditation - a few minutes a day - creates mental space 


Bye Bye Baggage Blend

From I am Fabulous

Assists you in releasing 



8 Hawaiian Sandlewood

5 Frankincense

5 Cedarwood

1 Cinnamon

2 Eucalyptus

3 Lemongrass

5 Melaleuca

9 Thyme

8 White Fir

4 Douglas Fir 

Mix in a 5ml roller bottle and top up with coconut oil

Roll on insides of wrists, elbow creases and back of neck.

Let the magic begin!








With from me 

Keep things simple 

Only keep what you love & brings you joy!

 x x x x x