Boundaries and Values

You are being called to create new boundaries?

Boundaries Protect Us!

They make us feel safe and secure

Give us purpose

Allow us to relax into ourselves

Our boundaries and values influence our decisions, thoughts, choices, wants, needs, energy and others around us.

What are your values and boundaries?

Write them out - Go wild!

What do you really want to do and feel?

What can you put in place to make this happen?

What is most important to you?

Make them priority!

Do you know your families values boundaries and values?

Sit down all together and chat about it

Find out what is important to each one of your family

When you know it is easier to respect them for each other - to live in ease and flow

Be flexible, use your values as a guide

Give yourself permission to say "NO"

Get used to saying no


Create time for you - value your time

Respect your time and the values and boundaries you are

Clove the oil of Boundaries


Start today - live with integrity - create boundaries and connect into your values