We are here with our arms and hearts wide open to welcome you to our loving team!

Flow through these simple steps to create your business

Remember we are all here to support each other!

Reach out to me or anyone in Doterra for guidance, love and support!

Find your WHY

Your WHY will carry you through!

Why are you doing this?

Watch this training with Tara Bliss about finding your WHY!

Dive in

Make your 100 list

Start by making your 100 list

This Memory Jogger is a great help! Here

Take a look at the Launch guide it has a fantastic 100 list to fill in

Launch guide 100 list


Be the Product

Be a product of the product

One of your top priorities is to look after YOU!
Use your oils to empower and support you to live your best, healthiest, amazing life!

Start a note book of all your oily experiences, how you are using them and your results

Blends your are making, diffuser and roller blends you love

How you have helped others and their experiences

Essential Practice

Go and register at Essential Practice.com

This is our upline Elena Brower's Team Website


Watch - Start Here and Business Overview

Why Doterra

Here are some videos that you can send out to people who you wan to introduce to Doterra

Why Doterra Youtube video

CPTG - Doterra Essential oils Vimeo Video

Behind the bottle of Frankincense

Source to You

Your Back Office

Take time to look round and get to know your back office

You are now a business owner!

This is your business and your team

Know your own selling link

When someone asks to buy oils from you what do you send them?


Compensation Plan Doterra Video

Find out about how we get paid with the compensation plan.

Find out more

Rank & Placement Training

Watch Tara Bliss easily explain Doterra Ranks

Find out more

Continued Learning

As a team we can go through this together - or dive in yourself

Daily Mentor Calls

Triple Diamond Allyse Sedivy Guides You Through Building Your Business For 50 Days

Daily Mentor Calls here

6 Weeks to Elite

This is a facebook group that I helped run to guide and boost you to the rank of Elite

Elite is the foundation of your  Doterra business

then all you need to do is duplicate!!!!

Facebook Group 6 Weeks to Elite



Useful Places and Info

Tara Bliss - Reclaiming You

Beautiful Tara Bliss Reclaiming You - A MUST watch!

Reclaim you here!

Teresa Harding is a Founding Presidential Diamond

Teresa is dedicated to educating us in our Doterra Business

Go and check out Teresa's youtube channel here

Teresa Harding Facebook Business Mentoring

Let's learn together!