OMG Sarah you have such a talent! I can't stop checking my own eyebrows out hahaha!

Hannah Jessop

Thank you Sarah! I LOVE MY LIPS - before they seemed to be non existent. NOW I feel like my lips are there and at the same time they look so natural. Thank you for spending time with me in my consultation. I am so happy. x x x

Shelley Butler

In February 2016 I visited Sarah White as I wished to have semi-permanent eye brow work and eye liner work. I am a person who has a genetic problem and have never had eyebrows or thick eyelashes. I had at that time suffered frontal alopecia so wanted to do something to boost my self-image. I originally had a consultation with Sarah where she showed me pictures of her work and explained her procedures. Sarah then drew on with liner how my eyebrows and eyeliner would look and worked on a shape which we thought was best for me. We also worked on colours during this consultation. After lots of questions which Sarah professionally answered and put me totally at ease I booked an appointment for the procedure. During the next 4 months I attended appointments with Sarah to start and finalise my semi-permanent brows and eyeliner. Sarah explained in full every step of the procedure and ensured that I was comfortable at all times. I was always fully confident that Sarah was professional in her work and she made me feel totally at ease during the appointments. Sarah was very sympathetic to my alopecia as I had to have my eyeliner treatment done a number of times as my skin didnโ€™t seem to want to absorb the semi-permanent make-up. Sarah always insisted that she didnโ€™t want me to finish my final treatment without being totally happy with my appearance. Sarahโ€™s professionalism is outstanding and she has changed me as I am now so much more confident with my appearance and will certainly be returning when I need my brows and liner touching up. I would highly recommend Sarah to anybody requiring treatments with her company she is a true professional.

Jose Worrall

After abusing and over plucking my eyebrows in my teens I hated them! Years and years later after penciling in for more than a decade I finally decided to do something about them. After several consultations with various professionals I just wasn't happy about taking the plunge and always seemed to back out of committing to any sort of procedure. That was until I saw some of Sarah's work! I was so impressed! I arranged an appointment for an initial consultation with Sarah. She put me at ease straight away, I had so much confidence in her ability and her professionalism I booked straight in to have the procedure. I am so pleased with the results , Sarah is a miracle worker ! I absolutely love my new eyebrows, they have given me so much confidence. I can actually leave the house without makeup which has never happened before! I wish I'd have found Sarah sooner! A very very talented lady who I would recommend to anyone!


I would like to say how fantastic Sarah is ,my eye brows and lips are perfect, i have never been happier with them. You will be so pleased. Shan a very happy customer xx

Shan Taylor