Medical Tattooing

I did this training in April of 2016 and I found it very moving and feel very passionate about it.

Regain your confidence and self-esteem…

Whether you are coping with alopecia, cancer, surgical scarring, vitiligo or any other condition that has had an impact on your appearance, medical tattooing can help provide a solution.

  • Restore the appearance of brows and lashes lost through alopecia, chemotheraphy or other medical conditions.
  • Replicate the appearance of realistic looking areola and create the illusion of nipple protrusion for clients who have had mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.
  • Reposition, recolour or reshape the overall appearance of nipples and areolae
  • Lip shape correction for cleft lips
  • Diffuse breast uplift or reduction scars
  • Camouflage radiotherapy marks, areas of pigmentation loss, scars and burns


Brows & Eyes Treatments

If you have lost all your brow hair or lashes due to a medical condition, medical tattooing is something you might want to consider.

  • Have realistic looking brows that last – no more brow pencils.
  • Regain the definition around your eyes with a lash enhancement, eyeliner or imitation lashes
  • Transform both your appearance and your confidence levels.
  • A fully qualified artist will have been trained to understand the implications of your medical condition for skin healing and colour retention, they will structure their treatments to the individual taking all this into account.

The process for medical tattooing is similar to permanent cosmetics, although the treatment stages and techniques used may vary due to medical considerations. Medical tattooing requires advanced knowledge and expertise, so it is something that we only teach to our most highly trained artists or medical professionals.


Medical Tattoo Treatments for Breasts

Women can require nipple and areola tattooing for a wide variety of reasons.

If you have had a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, you may have been left without areolae or sometimes nipples. Alternatively, it may be that you have naturally pale or faded areolae, or you may have been left with uneven, asymmetrical, misplaced or discoloured areaole following surgery.

In all of these cases, medical tattooing can can be used to create stunning and realistic looking reconstructions for you.

  • Replicate the appearance of realistic looking areolae and even create the illusion of nipple protrusion.
  • Reposition, recolour or reshape the overall appearance of nipples and areolae.
  • Reduce the appearance of radiotherapy marks.
  • Diffuse scarring from mastectomies, breast uplifts / reductions and other types of breast surgery.


Prices for these treatments will be discussed on consultation.


This is taken from Nouveau Contour