Start Here Oil Education

Welcome to the most amazing life changing journey!

I am here to guide you all the way!

You are now part of a beautiful team of like minded souls on their own journey to wellness, we are here to support each other along the way! 

My mission is to empower you to create and live the life of your dreams.

This is your life, your time, it is up to you to take hold of the reins and get going, shoot for the stars and beyond! 

Lets get started

Getting Started Check List

Open your Oils

Smell them - pop the stickers on them

Write down your top 3 health goals / What do you want to feel more of? What do you want to feel less of? Start a note book to keep track

Read about the oils and which can help you with your goals - make notes in your book

Which to diffuse, create a roller blend? - refer to the chart below - I can help you with this!

Create a plan of how you are going to use your essential oils through out your day to support you in your goals - I am here to help you do this

Check out the info below

We should have a date booked in for me to go through all of this with you, if not drop me a text or call me on 07970848647  x x x Sarah x x x


Places to go to for amazing support, oily info & inspiration

Essential Practice - You will need to login, it may take a day or two to be confirmed - then go to "get started" - there a hundreds of helpful videos on the site.

My Instagram  - Go and follow me on Insta, I am always popping into stories to show you what I am diffusing, using my oils or making

Empowered Living Private Facebook Group  - Our private Facebook Group - Search for info, join in and ask questions to the group

Doterra's Website   - This site is full of amazing oily info

My Doterra .com - This is where you will login to your Doterra account in the future to place orders

Source to you website  - This beautiful website shows you the journey of your essential oil - there is a number on the bottom of your oil that you can type in and it will show you all about it

Doterra's YouTube Chanel  - Some very helpful videos here

Doterra's Essential Oil Usage Quick Reference Chart - very useful to check when not sure on oil usage

Doterra's I have my oils now what?

Video of the top ten essential oils

My beautiful sister Amy teaches us about the top ten essential oils

Video Link

Diffuser and roller blends for your top ten essential oils!

Here are some beautiful blends I have put together for you - Enjoy  x x x

Diffuser and roller blends using your top ten essential oils

150 uses for the Home Essential kit / Top ten essential oils

This is a beautiful guide to 150 uses for the home essential kit diffuser and top ten essential oils

150 uses for the home essential kit

Spotlight on Doterra's Products

Getting started supplies

These are some supplies that I have bought for example glass roller bottles for making my blends in a roller

Getting Started Supplies

Our Doterra Life Style

My family have slowly introduced Doterra into our world

It has improved our health, wealth and happiness beyond measures!

I am here to help and guide you on your journey

Reach out to me and our group, it is your group too now!

My Oily Life

I am here to guide you on your Doterra journey!