Simplicity can be found & implemented in many ways into your day 

I take decisions out of my day to make things simple

What I wear everyday - if I am working with clients at my salon I have a set uniform

- working from home I wear yoga pants and comfies  - SIMPLE

Food - I have a few favourite breakfasts that I always have so don't need to think  "what am I having for breakfast?" then scramble around to find something

Other meals I also have favourites, I make a meal plan for the week.

We all know what is for tea - SIMPLE

Create rituals / habits that flow throughout your day 

Think about grouping jobs together! make it flow!

ie Whilst bath running clean round bathroom or put kids clothes way 

Multi-tasking is not always productive - do one thing at a time well before moving on to the next

- stay focused on what you are doing!

Find a home for everything!

My family love stuff and I have worked hard on myself not to have as much stuff!

This makes my life simpler! 

I love a good list, at the moment I am using an app called TODOIST 

When life is simpler you have more time to do the things you WANT to do!


I love the feeling of space & being free, this gives me room to just be me and simplify! 

Wheres the place that brings you the feeling of simplicity? 


Take a look at your daily life and see where you could simplify things then simplify even more!

Daily actions 

Morning routine

What you wear 

Kids to school - shoes, coats and bags ready - roll on Onguard

What you eat

Know what you have for breakfast

Meal plan, shop online....

Organise yourself the night before - night time routine 

Make sure everything has a home so you know where it is and everyone can find it! - SIMPLE

Oil station for daily use - this time of year for immune support 

STOP CHECKING YOUR PHONE ALL THE TIME - this zapps your energy & time and fills your head with things that you don't need

Make a list of what doesn't serve you anymore and stop doing it! It might seem hard at 1st but once you get going it is amazing what happens!

Let me know how you get on simplifying your life!

Good luck - lets do it!

Share any success tips!

Oil of the week Peppermint 

Peppermint brings joy & buoyancy to the heart and soul. It invigorates body, mind & spirit and reminds us that life can be happy.

Makes you feel like you are gilding through life.

When you feel times of discouragement or disheartened peppermint helps you rediscover the joy of being alive!

I love peppermint I diffuse it a lot with lemon or tangerine - very uplifting - amazing for energy slumps! 





All my love 

x x x Sarah  x x x