Rest & Rejuvinate

We must rest

Rest our mind, body and soul

Rest is when our body renews its self

Often we feel GUITLY to rest and take time out for ourselves 

If we don't rest we hit burn out mentally and physically

We need to look after ourselves first so we are on top form to look after others

Stress and anxiety multiply if our body and mind don't rest 

You know when you need to rest - listen to your body and mind 

Just do it!      REST!



Treat your self to some early nights 7-8 hours is recommended for optimal health and rejuvenation

Social Media Detox - Switch off - Change the habit of always looking at your phone - remove the social apps from your phone!

Do some thing for you, soak in a bath, cosy up with a book, watch your favourite film with a cuppa, gentle walk in nature, soft yoga flow, meditation, do something that lights you up and be present doing it.

Do it with no guilt! Care and attention to be kind to yourself.

You are recharging & resting.

Yoga Nidra is a beautiful way to rest your body & mind - I have linked one below - give it a go! 

Yoga Nidra for Relaxation - Click here

Essential oils are a beautiful to support yourself with rest, Sandlewood is such a beautiful oil, it has a powerful ability to calm the mind, you can diffuse

Sandlewood, apply a few drops in the palm of your hand and inhale - sink into resting and calming - apply to crown of head or forehead. Use as an anchor to Rest!

Meditation even just for 2- 5 minutes works wonders when done regularly.

My Meditation Tips - Click here



Oil of the week Sandlewood 

Sandlewood oil of sacred Devotion

Sandlewood assists in meditation and quiteing the mind, has a powerful ability to calm the mind and still the heart.

Helps us to rest and just be. 


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Rest time for us!

Chilling - Yoga - Drawing - Laughing - Dozing


With Love 

x x x Sarah x x x