Light Up The World

"I light up the world by being me!"   

Let this be your mantra this week


Do not underestimate the power your light has in creating change in the world.

Your light shines brightest when you bravely step up into your brightest most authentic self.

You will never know the true extent of your impact, but you can trust that it will be more than you could ever fathom. 

Your light is needed here! 


This is from Rebecca Cambell's book LIGHT IS THE NEW BLACK an absolute inspirational read! 

Be who you really are 

You don't need approval to be who you are

 Shine your light, the more you do the brighter you shine

Be you 

Let go, relax & trust 

Let your most exuberant self emerge 



What is your message to the world?

What are you passionate about & want to share in the world?

Who are you? 

Sit & feel it - journal - free write - let it flow - be you 


Give your true self permission to shine!



My Essential Oil of the week

Vetiver - The Oil of Centering

Vetiver assists in becoming more rooted in life.

Grounding, deeply connecting, supportive, self-awareness

Helps to discover deeper true self of being  

Inhale from bottle - diffuse - massage 






Lets shine bright like a diamond


Love you


 x x x x Sarah  x x x x