Beeswax Wraps

How to make Beeswax Wraps!

All you need is 


Cotton cloth tight thread

Pinking shears 

Grease proof paper 


Ruler & Pencil

Old brush and baking tray if using oven 


This Saturday Natalie and I had fun making some beeswax wraps in our mission to use less/no plastic! 

It was so easy and so much fun!


Measure your material into squares to a size you want, we did 8in by 8in and 12in by 12in

Cut out using pinking shears

Grate your beeswax 

Have your iron at the ready  

Place a large pice of grease proof paper on the ironing board 

On top place your square of material then sprinkle over the wax 

Place another pice of paper over the top and iron away

The heat of the iron melts the wax, you can manoeuvre the wax with the iron to cover all areas of your material

You can alternatively use the oven or the top of an aga 

When material is completely covered in wax stop ironing, peel back paper and lift up waxed wrap (careful as is hot)

Hold up to dry only takes a few secs, then rest over a chair back 

Hey presto you have made your beeswax wrap! 

Use your wraps to wrap left overs, sandwiches, cover food

Its amazing to wrap avocados 



I urge you to see how you can reduce plastic usage in your home. 

You will be amazed when you start looking at how much you use and how easily you can reduce it, lets do this! 

Please watch Drowning in Plastic to see the effect plastic is having on our

beautiful precious world!

Click here to watch Drowning in Plastic


Oil of the week 


The oil of Cheer & Creativity

Supports healthy digestion and metabolism, uplifting, cleansing, purifying, supports a healthy immune and respiratory system. Helps soothe anxious feelings and manage stress. Beautifully uplifting, reinserts fun, joy & spontaneity into your life!

Uses - Inhale from bottle, diffuse, use in cooking, 1 drop in drinking water, apply to flex points or abdomen or massage.









With all my love

x x x  Sarah  x x x