Be Fearless

What would you do and how would you feel if you were to be fearless?

Fear and ego keeps us stuck 

Creates feelings of anger, guilt, panic, judgement, worry, not been good enough the list goes on........

Fear can be a belief system from the past that we need to move on from,

to let ourselves free! 

What are your fears?     Write them down 

Be aware of them - Witness them in your daily life - Be non-Judgemental

Look at them and smile, let them go, see them differently,

how are they holding you back?  

How would you feel if you didn't have these fears that are

holding you back? 

Write this out!

Use this as your goal for the next week!

Create a reason to change, let your fear fuel you! - You are in control of your life - You choose what you want to do & feel.

Keep being the witness of your fear, you will become an expert at this,

learn to laugh and let go,

let it fuel you to grow and keep moving towards your dreams! 

Wishing you a fearless amazing life!



Lime My Fearless Oil!

The Oil Of Zest For Life

Lime imbues the soul with zest for life.

When individuals have been weighed down by discouragement 

It instills courage & cheer in the heart & reminds them to be grateful for the gift of life!

It clears the heart, assisting in feeling safe & at home. 

Lime instills hope, joy, courage & the determination to face all of life's challenges! 








Sending All My Love  x x x 

Sarah  x x x