5 Reasons SemiPermanent Makeup Gives Confidence!

5 Reasons SemiPermanent Makeup Gives Confidence!

Ladies around the world are taking advantage of semipermanent makeup for different reasons – wether its for day to day natural enhacements of brows, eyes and lips or for time saving or if they are into sports and feel more confident with definition to their features or through illness that they have lost their hair, aloppecia or cancer treatment or from medication or just age!  Semipermant makeup is a way to take charge and do something for yourself!

1. Semi Permanent Make-up for some ladies is the difference between having no eyebrows and having eyebrows (hair loss & alopecia suffers), it is an absolute life changer! I have worked in the world of semipermanent makeup for nearly 20 years, over these years I have helped many ladies become more confident by creating the illusion of eyebrows and eye enhancements.

2. Gives eyes the definition and enhacnement wether it natural or a makeup look! Do you feel your eyes are small and dissappear? Semi Permanent makeup can give you the definition you feel you haven’t got. I can create something very natural or a more made up look. This will give you the Confiednce!

3. Frames the face giving structure and detail to your face.

4. Semipermanent makeup lasts 24 hours a day 7 days a week compared to makeup, eyeliner or eyebrow pencil! Swim, run, dance, sleep and it is still there!

5. Time saving! I bet you would love to save time every morning! Just think about waking up with yor brows looking perfect or eyeliner there looking amazing ready to get on with your day! Go to the gym or for a run or swim and guess what they are still there! No its not a dream its semipermanent makeup!

I would love to answer any questions you have!

Wishing you all love and empowerment!

Sarah  x x x x