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    Bug Repellent Ideas – Doterra’s Terrashield Spray and Outdoor Blend

    I welcome you to make your own bug spray repellent and find out more about Doterra's Terrashiled Out door blend and spray Rid the chemicals allowing your body to be free Bug spray essential oil blends that I've mixed and liked, I used a small spray bottle from amazon Arborvitae Eucalyptus Melaleuca Basil Lavender Witch Hazel a splash Fill up with water Bug spray/cream essential oil blends that I've mixed and like I used a small spray bottle and filled the rest with water Arborvitae Eucalyptus Melaleuca Basil Lavender Coconut Oil / Water Diffuse 2 drops Lemon 2 drops Peppermint 2 Drops Eucalyptus / Melaleuca

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    Homemade Sunscreen

    On my journey to rid toxins, chemicals, fragrance from my families lives I have made for the first time some sunscreen I really enjoyed making it! It was quick easy smells and feels amazing, the end result is fab! There…

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    Find Your Why

    My Why is my family, our life together, our health & well-being, being thankful for everything we have, the experiences we have now, and the adventures we are planning for our future! Creating a fun, loving, safe, healthy, supportive home…

  • How far have you come?

    How far have you come?

    Always look how far you have come not how far you have to go! Keeping a journal is amazing and so insightful when you read back through them I have journals going back years, what I wrote at that time…

  • Green Cleaning

    Green Cleaning

    Green Cleaning  I have spent the last few months de-toxing our home  Ridding Perfumed cleaning sprays, High perfumed floor cleaners, Perfumed hand wash, Dish washer tablets, Perfumed Body wash, Bleach & Washing up liquid Link to Doterra's Green Cleaning Workbook

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    My Happiness List

    I have created this happiness calendar for you  Link to printable here  use it for the next 30 days to bring happiness into your life everyday, make notes of how you feel happier and look forward to your happiness boost each…

  • Declutter let go clear space blog post


      Clutter can drive us mad even if we don't realise it! Physical, mental & emotional clutter. Physical clutter overloads your senses, makes you feel stressed, and clouds your ability to think clearly. We can feel over loaded and unmotivated! It can…

  • Rest


    Rest & Rejuvinate We must rest Rest our mind, body and soul Rest is when our body renews its self Often we feel GUITLY to rest and take time out for ourselves  If we don't rest we hit burn out…